Group Therapy

Our skills groups are designed to help you learn and implement new behaviors to make life worth living and sharing with others. Groups are held in a comfortable classroom environment with a weekly evidence-based curriculum, delivered to you by our highly trained clinicians. Each week homework is assigned, offering you a chance to use your newly acquired skills in real-life situations.

All groups are intended to work along with individual counseling and all participants must be working with an individual therapist to participate in group. If you are receiving individual counseling outside of Tampa Bay DBT, you are welcome to stay with your primary therapist as long as they agree to be available to you for crisis and consultation as needed.

Groups are scheduled weekly for 2 hours, day and evening times are available. We host separate groups for teens, young adults and adults to ensure you are surrounded by a group of similar aged peers. The duration of the groups program depends on which treatment you are receiving:

  • Standard DBT – 24 weeks

  • Radically Open DBT – 30 weeks

If you are interested in learning more about our groups program or would like to schedule an intake appointment to get started, give us a call today!